James Millar

In the Post Office Directory for 1871 James Millar is described as a warehouseman with J&W Millar, High Street and with home addresses in Ibrox and Catrine, Ayrshire. In the Census for that year he is recorded as a lodger in Ibrox with the occupations of warehouseman and house proprietor.

During 1876 his business address became St Vincent Street and in 1877 his home address Dowanhill. Although his occupation continued to be given as warehouseman his name appears in the Glasgow Sasines Register at least fifty times between 1873 and 1877 buying, selling or mortgaging land or buildings.

James Millar began feuing land in Bearsden in 1877. In May 1878 he acquired Ledcameroch from William Anderson for £7,000 (of which £5,000 was borrowed from William Anderson) and Ledcameroch became his home. By August 1878 (and excluding his home) he had feued thirty acres of Campbell Colquhoun land and a further thirty-five acres from John Richardson of Gartconnel. A typical feu required James Millar to build villas costing not less than £1,000 or £2,000, set in at least three roods and all to be completed within two or three years of the contract date.

These planned developments were overtaken by the liquidation in October 1878 of the City of Glasgow Bank which was incorporated with unlimited shareholder liability. As the owner of £500 of stock James Millar would have lost (including the purchase price) approximately £15,000 on this investment. However this seriously understates the true scale of his losses as he was forced to sell assets in order to pay his share of the Bank’s deficit. As an example Ledcameroch realised only £5,100 when sold in July 1879.

In March 1879 James Millar signed a trust deed for the benefit of his creditors. He does not appear to have been sequestrated which could mean that the trustee realised sufficient funds to repay the creditors. In February 1881 the final four acres of land in Bearsden were disposed of and in March of that year the final instalment of the loan from William Anderson was repaid.

After leaving Ledcameroch, James Millar became a house factor and valuator with his home at Beauly Terrace, Kelvinside. His last entry in the Glasgow Directory is for 1883.