Ledcameroch – Lochbrae – St Germains

The development of these three house had a number of points in common :

  • all three were built on land purchased from John Campbell Colquhoun who signed all three feus at Chartwell in Kent on 8th January 1857.
  •  the principal feature of each feu was that the feuar undertook within eighteen months to build a villa to a previously approved design by Clarke & Bell, architects, Glasgow.
  • the feuars were William Anderson (Ledcameroch) Henry Kerr (Lochbrae House) and John McClure (St Germains).
  •  William Anderson and Henry Kerr had been partners in the firm of Kerr & Anderson since 1842 ; William Anderson and John McClure had been neighbours at 1 Royal Circus, Glasgow since 1852.

The January 1857 Ledcameroch feu was not registered and was superseded by one dated 7th July 1859. The principal differences are that the plot size was increased from three to slightly more than four acres and that instead of undertaking to build a villa William Anderson undertook to complete the villa if he had not already done so. In both contracts the entry date was Whitsun 1856.

The Ledcameroch feus required William Anderson to pay a proportion of the cost of a road while John Campbell Colquhoun undertook to pay for a bridge over the Ledcameroch Burn ; using their modern names the intention was to continue Ledcameroch Road to Chesters Road. Plans for the bridge and for the extension of Ledcameroch Road were abandoned by mutual agreement in December 1861.

The Ledcameroch Burn is included in all the feu contracts. William Anderson had the right to draw water from the Burn and apart from a well this would seem to have been the only source of water at Ledcameroch. There was also the intention of using water from the Burn to supply Lochbrae and St Germains. This scheme was abandoned and in 1861 Henry Kerr and John McClure each received £100 from John Campbell Colquhoun as compensation for the failure to supply water to their properties.