Lochbrae Gasworks

David Lindsay, a retired postman left a memoir of early Bearsden including the information that there had been a small gasworks in the vicinity of the station which had supplied light to the station and to eight houses. From the Register of Sasines it is possible to identify the site of the gasworks as the ground now occupied by Melville Place. It is recorded in the Valuation Rolls as Lochbrae Gasworks and was operational from about 1863 until about 1873.

The ground was feued from John Campbell Colquhoun by a trust consisting of William Anderson, Henry Kerr, John McClure plus John Henderson (of Carrickarden) and Robert Whytelaw (of Beechwood) which accounts for five of the houses. Although the identity of the remaining three houses is not known there were until about 1870 very few, perhaps only five, other properties in the vicinity.